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Astral Energy Helps You Save Money on your Energy Bill!

When you are serious about saving money on your utility costs, let Astral Energy be your discount supplier of electricity and natural gas.


It is just the opportunity to save money annually on your energy supply costs. So what do you have to lose? Sign up today, and let us show you how we can save you money. There are no strings attached, and we assure customer satisfaction.

You will still be serviced by your local utility, and they will continue to read your meter and provide the same bill. The only difference you will see is Astral Energy as your supplier of electricity and natural gas, along with some savings for you! By signing up with Astral Energy, you will see how substantial your savings will be over the course of the year.

In addition, with the energy choice program you now have the ability to negotiate your energy supply costs, which would not be possible if your utility continues to supply your electricity and natural gas.

Currently we are serving customers in New Jersey for the following utilities:
  1. PSE&G (electric and gas)
  2. JCP&L
  3. Many more to come, including New York utilities and more!
If you would like to sign up today or have any questions, you may click here or call us today 888-850-1872! One of our representatives will walk you through how you can start saving money on your energy bill today!

Energy? How?

How to get Cheaper Energy

It’s all about who supplies the energy the utility company distributes to you. Deregulation is the key.

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