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Currently, Astral Energy is servicing many New Jersey and New York utility customers. We may be able to lower your energy costs. We are committed to expanding our coverage area so that more customers can benefit from the lower energy costs we can provide.

We currently serve utility customers in the following states and territories:

  • New Jersey
    • PSE&G (electric and gas)
    • JCPL (electric)
    • Atlantic City Electric (electric)
    • Rockland Electric (electric)
  • New York
    • Con Edison (electric)
    • Orange & Rockland (electric)
    • New York State Electric & Gas (electric and gas)
    • Rochester Gas & Electric (electric and gas)
    • Niagara Mohawk (electric)
    • Central Hudson (electric and gas)
    • KeySpan Energy [New York and Long Island] (gas)
  • Pennsylvania
    • Pennsylvania
    • Met Edison (electric)
    • PECO (electric)
    • Penelec (electric)
    • PPL (electric)
    • West Penn Power (electric)
In the near future, we will also be serving utility customers from these states and surrounding states as well.

If you are interested in finding out when Astral Energy is coming to your state, please fill out the form below and we will notify you when Astral Energy is servicing utility territories in your area.

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