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Frequently Asked Questions

How will my energy service change?

Your energy service is made up of two parts, supply and delivery. You can choose Astral Energy as your supplier, which means we purchase the electricity and natural gas for your home or business. Your local utility company (such as PSE&G, for example) will continue to safely and reliably deliver that electricity and natural gas to your home or business.

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Is this something NEW?

The energy market is now deregulated, which means you have the freedom to choose Astral Energy for the best price on the supply of your electricity and natural gas.

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Why would my local utility let you do this?

Your local utility company cannot profit from the supply of energy; they derive profits from the delivery of the electricity and natural gas to your home. Astral Energy is licensed in your State as a qualified supplier of your local utility and works together with them to insure quality and reliability.

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Why should I do this?

You do not have to switch to an alternate energy supplier. But by choosing Astral Energy, you could lower your energy costs on the same product you already receive.

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Do I pay any fees?

There are no sign up or cancellation fees and no long-term commitments - you can switch back to your utility company at any time.

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Who will send me my monthly bill?

Your local utility will continue to send you one bill for the costs of both your supply and delivery of energy. And, you still continue to just make one payment to your local utility.

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Who do I call in case of emergency?

You will continue to call your local utility’s emergency hotline. Your local utility will still own and operate the equipment to deliver the electricity and natural gas safely and reliably to your home or business. In addition to your local utility service, Astral Energy can also provide you with emergency services. Issues with water heaters, furnaces, even central air conditioning and more can be serviced by Astral Energy.

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How do I get started?

Simply call our toll free number 1-888-850-1872. All you need is your utility account number to start receiving your supply of electricity or natural gas from Astral Energy.

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How can Astral Energy lower my energy costs on my utility bill?

Astral Energy has the buying power to get long-term supply at reasonable wholesale pricing directly from the companies who drill for the natural gas or generate the electricity. We pass the benefit from our wholesale purchasing directly to our customers in the form of competitive market rates.

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How about green energy?

Green energy is the future, and Astral Energy is working to help make a future of natural, clean energy a reality. For more information on how Astral Energy is getting with the green movement, please contact us.

Can I see the plan terms and conditions?

Click here to view Terms and Conditions for your state.

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